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Software for Calculation of Roller Chain Gearings

(C) Copyright 1999-2020 by HEXAGON, Berlin

Software for Calculation of Chain Gears


ZM1 calculates dimensions and strength of chain gears according to Niemann/Winter and in accordance with DIN 8187/88. Roller chains can be selected from the data base provided.


ZM1 searches the data base and suggests an appropriate chain based on ratio relationship, power and drive speed. ZM1 determines the next even number of links for the chain and calculates the exact dimensions based on the approximate center distance.


The required chain is selected from the data base. ZM1 calculates the dimensions for chain and chain wheels from the number of teeth of the pinion and gear wheel, and also the approximate center distance.

Strength Calculation

ZM1 calculates the static and dynamic breakage safety margin as well as the safety against permissible surface pressure. ZM1 determines the standard value of the joint surface pressure for roller chains in accordance with DIN 8187/88. The life expectancy (Lv) of the chain is calculated (according to Niemann) from the joint surface pressure.


Roller Chains in accordance with DIN 8187/88

ZM1 calculates single, double or triple roller chains. The data base supplied with the program contains the necessary dimensions and strength values for all sizes in accordance with DIN 8187 (European construction) and DIN 8188 (American construction).


Degree of Efficiency

Loss of power and degree of efficiency are calculated from the joint friction co-efficient and geometry data.


ZM1 determines the recommended type of lubrication from the diagrams for selecting type of lubrication (according to Niemann). The operation point of the calculated gear is shown in the diagram.


Printout of Results

The calculation results and input data can be printed out on any Windows printer. Alternatively, ZM1 can generate an HTML or TXT file for editing with an Internet Browser or spreadsheet program.



Drawings of the pinion and chain gear can be displayed on screen, printed out or exported as scale drawings to CAD via DXF or IGES interfaces.

Manufacturing Drawings

ZM1 generates a complete manufacturing drawing of the pinion and chain gear, with drawings and tables for the chain gear. The drawing includes a header with an index of alterations taken from the program.


HEXAGON Help System

An auxiliary text can be displayed for all entries. Help diagrams are available for entry of dimensions for the chain and chain wheels.

Auxiliary texts and diagrams can be modified and appended by the user. When error messages are shown, you can have a description and remedy suggestion displayed.


Hardware and Software Requirements

ZM1 is available as 32bit and 64bit version for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.


Scope of Delivery

ZM1 Program, User manual (pdf), Licence contract for indefinite use and update service


Software Updates, Hotline

HEXAGON Software is continually updated and improved. New versions are available to licencees at update prices. Our telephone hotline is free of charge to registered users.

Download ZM1 Demo for Windows (621 kB)

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